Reasons Why Businesses Can Rely On the Use of SMS Marketing

26 Apr

It has dawned to many of the various sizes that they can make use of SMS to market their products as well as services, where the SMS marketing will be used as part of their marketing campaign. When a company seeks SMS marketing services, it will be easier to reach out to their target market since there is a high number of individuals who rely on SMS to communicate. A study shows that there are more than 91% of millennial people who use text messages as their form of communication and most will give out their number when there is an incentive. The use of SMS to market is one of the most effective ways that a business can use to market, considering that more than 90% individuals will open the message sent to them. When a business depends on the use of Mails, it isn't always possible to have a high number of individuals reading the emails, while social media at times is associated with spam, meaning that the use of SMS is the fastest way to take your intended message to the targeted market. This is something that can really help you with.

One of the reasons why your business should be keen to integrate SMS marketing as part of their campaigns is the fact that direct messages are the most immediate channel that a marketer can use. After you have sent the SMS to the market, most of the individuals, more than 97%, will open the text messages within three minutes after delivery. The fact that one has a direct channel connecting them to the customers means that they can be relied on to stimulate and influence customers into buying your brand.

There is the need to consider hiring a text messaging agency like Betwext when you need to promote your brand, considering that you will have the chance to get quick feedback from your customers. At least 31% customers are willing to respond to surveys, and they respond to the SMS sent within six minutes. Customer feedback is crucial for any business as it is a way of gathering valuable information for your business.

The high open rate that comes with the use of text messaging is the best option for the small business is the fact that it has a high open rate. The fact that 90% mobile users will open an SMS sent to them means that the use of text messaging is three times more effective when compared to email marketing. Learn more about SMS marketing in this video: 

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